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Exclamation The Discussion/Study For A 163% Meat Tax

The Discussion/Study For A 163% Meat Tax

Excerpt: The consumption of red and processed meat has been associated with increased mortality from chronic diseases, and as a result, it has been classified by the World Health Organization as carcinogenic (processed meat) and probably carcinogenic (red meat) to humans. One policy response is to regulate red and processed meat consumption similar to other carcinogens and foods of public health concerns. Here we describe a market-based approach of taxing red and processed meat according to its health impacts.

Last week, a report by University of Oxford academics calculated supposedly “optimal tax rates” on red meat (lamb, beef and pork) and processed meats (sausages, bacon, salami etc.) For the U.S., the recommend rates were as high as 34 percent and 163 percent, respectively. Such taxes, the report claims, could save 52,500 American lives per year.

The greater question here is why are all the health studies, economists, and sustainability fanatics trying to get people to live off of so little? Few calories, no meat, little protein, less consumer goods, tiny spaces, cheap clothing, and don’t even think of having a real hot shower!

Very similar tax to the Green Tax in France upon fuels in order to fund green programs and this meat tax is to prod people to quit eating meat (economic coercion aka violence in slow motion).

People can barely afford most meats now 1x/week. This will only hinder people from a protein rich diet 1x/week. 163% jump in taxes on meat is huge and prohibitive and once again... only being used to fatten up the government's wallet and how they can study more ways to control you and I.

Instead of taxing meat why don't they promote exercise? Because the government doesn't want strong, healthy citizens to rule over. They want pasty, weak, protein deficient, non-assertive vegans to rule over.

I remember once reading a write up about cult leaders. One of the main rules was to keep your followers on a low protein diet so that they couldn't rise up and overtake you.

Do you see those teeth in your mouth... those sharp canines? Those are for tearing into meat. Humans need meat at a minimum of 1x/week. 3x would be better. You won't hear those taxing, vegan extremists say that though.

Remember this---> More Violence By Aggressive Vegans Against Meat Eaters

This---> The War On Meat Eaters Ratcheting Up By PC Crowd!!
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