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Exclamation The Cult Of Personality - Mrs. Obama Says "S**t" & Fans Go GaGa

The Cult Of Personality - Mrs. Obama Says "S**t" & Fans Go GaGa

Excerpt: 'You can’t always lean in, because sometimes that s**t doesn’t work': Michelle Obama shocks NYC audience on her book tour by swearing as she opens up about the pressures of mixing work and marriage.

Michelle Obama uttered the word "s**t" and the people who follow her and fans of her were smitten and enthused... even empowered by Mrs. Obama's use of the word "s**t".

Is this all it takes? Is this how dumbed-down and narrowly focused our youth have become... getting excited over the "s" word?

How pathetic. Intellectualism and philosophy is dying. At some point we will all communicate in emoticons... the little brown one - "s**t".

Some reactions:

A Twitter user named Megan tweeted: ‘Despite waiting in the rain for an hour to get into the Barclays Center, I was just in the same room as Michelle Obama and she accidentally said “s***” and it was amazing and my life has been forever changed.’

Erin Strecker tweeted: ‘At Barclays tonight, Michelle Obama said: “It’s not enough to Lean In because that s*** doesn’t always work!” Tattoo it on my body!’

Kevin Flynn tweeted: ‘Tonight at the Barclays Center Michelle Obama accidentally said “s***” in front of thousands of people and it ruled.’
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