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Default People Being Hospitalized More Due To Stress From Modern Day Pace

People Being Hospitalized More Due To Stress From Modern Day Pace

Excerpt: Last year, problems related to stress and anxiety made up 44 per cent of all work-related illnesses, up from 35 per cent a decade ago.

“Increasingly, people are feeling that they can’t cope with the stresses of modern life, but at the same time they don’t feel they have permission to switch off.

Remember when work places were going to go paperless and the advent of the computer would make everything easier?

Workplaces still have paper and the computer has made people work even more as they collect and input reams of data.

This online work experience will never end. It is here to stay and it will continue to drag people's lives into a state of surrender and ultimately singularity (the merging of man and machine).

A fragmented populace that has no sense of itself is lost.
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