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Default The Top Ten Secret Intelligence Agencies Across The Globe

The following is a list of the top ten secret intelligence agencies across the globe. It's important to know the intelligence agencies that exist because in media and movies people tend to focus on just the CIA or MI-6.

Every nation has some form of intelligence agency that typically has an undisclosed budget for secret objectives. Secret objectives make these agencies dangerous to the world and to the locals because often what isn't disclosed is something wrong and unacceptable, funded by taxes.

1.) CIA - USA - 1947

2.) MI-6 - UK - 1909

3.) ISI - Pakistan - 1948

4.) Mossad - Israel - 1949

5.) MSS - China - 1983

6.) BND - Germany - 1956

7.) FSB - Russia - 1995

8.) DGSE - France - 1982

9.) RAW - India - 1968

10.) ASIS - Australia - 1952

The following is a list of most intelligence agencies across the world - LIST
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