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Default The Growing Power Of China's Global Digital Empire

The Growing Power Of China's Global Digital Empire

Excerpt: The new generation of information technology, represented by the internet, big data and artificial intelligence, is booming at present and has significant and profound influence on various countries’ economic development, social progress and people’s lives, Xi said in the letter.

China attaches great importance to the development of the big data industry and is willing to share opportunities of the digital economy’s development with other countries and jointly explore new growth drivers and development paths by exploring new technologies, new business forms and new models, Xi added.

- breitbart.com

Not only does China want to be the face of globalization as the leading country in that aggressive space they also off totalitarian digital products to the world to join in on; such as developing the intrusive social credit system for other nations so they too can join in on the empire of local surveillance and ultimately have these systems all tied together.

If you thought the NSA was bad... wait until there is a global surveillance network.

Remember this---> Life Long President Xi Says China Must Lead Way In Global Governance

This---> China Claims Social Credit System Restores Morality

Others want in---> Venezuela Hires China Firm To Create Social Credit System To Spy On Citizens
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