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Default Erdogan Threatens EU With Millions Of Illegal Aliens - What's So Dangerous?

Erdogan Threatens EU With Millions Of Illegal Aliens - What's So Dangerous?

Excerpt: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Europe against criticizing his country’s newly-launched military incursion into Syria, claiming he could allow millions of refugees to pour into the EU if he so chooses.

- rt.com

Why is this threat so dangerous? The main issue of Erdogan's threat is that these refugees, from years of war as well as from other struggling, third world nations, are Muslims, especially many extreme Muslims who hate western civilization and have not been educated in the western ways of democracy and points of freedom from the western perspective.

What we have seen and documented after years of war and hardcore Muslim violence, also fomented and propagated by western powers and globalist desires to break the Middle East, is a hardened, strong willed people while the people of the west, especially liberals and "progressives" have gotten soft and ignorant to life beyond the "anything goes" attitude of western cities.

When these refugees are released to invade the EU, Australia, Canada, the US... many aim to get free social benefits and take over the western hosting nation. That is the very real threat made by Erdogan because the people of the Middle East know this is true as well. This is not fake. This is not racism. These are facts.

Look at an invasive species that takes over an ecosystem because there are no predators within that ecosystem to handle this new and foreign threat... the Snakehead Fish for example:

New Invasive species, Snakehead Fish found

Excerpt:According to the Department of Agriculture, the northern snakehead is native to Eastern Asia and "preys on and competes with native species."

- usatoday.com

The Snakehead Fish has been found in many ecosystems across the US now. They lay thousands of eggs in a couple days and are rabid predators. The US does not have any native fish or amphibious creatures that can compete with the Snakehead. The local ecosystem is ravaged and not only does the ecosystem lose but people who rely on native ecosystems also lose.

This is the same when millions of illegal aliens invade a sovereign nation without the intent of assimilation and instead fight the hosting nation and its local natives.

This is simple math. Allowing extremist and warring cultures to be mashed together with soft, liberal natives creates major problems that aren't necessary... unless you are a globalist entity who aims to destroy nationalism and sovereign nations everywhere, only then is chaos looking good. Otherwise the local ecosystem of the culture, religion, economics and the environment are placed under immense pressure, cracks form and then the whole nation begins to transform and break.

Remember this---> Extreme Globalists Who Centralize All People/All Resources Are An Invasive Species
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