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Default Presidential Candidate Warren Vows To Open Borders To ILLEGALS

Presidential Candidate Warren Vows To Open Borders To ILLEGALS

Excerpt: Warren took to Twitter on Thursday to commit that she, as president, will not "unnecessarily" detain border crossers and illegal aliens who arrive at the southern border.

"Too many immigrants have died in ICE custody," Warren said. "We need to ensure asylum seekers are welcomed, treated humanely, receive the medical care they need, and are not detained unnecessarily..."

- breitbart.com

Having a president make so many promises to ILLEGAL aliens... immigrants who sneak into America as opposed to going through the legal channels, that is inviting everyone over with warm promises.

This is like feeding the bears. Of course they will keep coming. And what of Americans and the small communities who have to house all of these illegals? The small communities go broke wasting money on people seeking free benefits and why wouldn't they seek free benefits with the likes of Warren and her promises?

You can't get more unamerican than opening the borders up to anyone. Very dangerous.

The globalist and "progressive" plan to break America economically through mass welfare is ripening.
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