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Default Inferiority Complex Plagues Millenials

Inferiority Complex Plagues Millenials

Excerpt: ...a new survey consisting of 2,000 millennials (ages 22-38) has revealed some troubling statistics regarding how young adults see themselves in comparison to both their peers and older generations. An astounding eight in 10 flat out believe they are not “good enough” in virtually all areas of their lives. Furthermore, three quarters of the survey’s respondents admit that they constantly feel “overwhelmed” by pressure to succeed in their careers, find a meaningful romantic relationship, and meet others’ expectations.

- studyfinds.org

This is what happens when you create movements like "toxic masculinity", call white people racists for being white and privileged, claim that men can have babies too (trans ideology), hand out participation awards (for what?), try to create self-esteem for people as opposed to them working hard themselves... and the list can go on.

We have created a world where politicians hate each other and now our youth are supposed to excel? Excel with a 50% divorce rate? Excel by eating fake food and reading news that is intentionally written with lies?

It's no wonder that men and women of the millennials feel that they don't measure up... because they don't. They're too busy tapping into their emotions as opposed to getting hard work done and then hiding behind their computer screen dreaming about other fake online lives.

The millennial males are shadows of themselves... barely able to mate due to their consumption of porn and females are over their male counterparts as they are emboldened to be "real" males.

Mentally the millennials are screwed. Physically the millennials are screwed. They will seek out AI to give them a boost.

Now before I leave this post, not all millennials are stuck within their head. There are a few who have great parents and know of hard work and getting their hands dirty without feeling guilty over the success it affords.
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