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Default Walmart Offers In-home Delivery Right Into Your Refrigerator

Walmart Offers In-home Delivery Right Into Your Refrigerator

Excerpt: Here’s how Walmart’s new, in-home delivery will work:

Customers wishing to use the service must have Walmart install a smart lock on the outside of their home or garage.

Then, they can place a grocery order from Walmart.com or the Walmart mobile app, selecting “InHome Delivery,” along with a specific delivery day, at checkout.

They can opt to have orders delivered straight to the kitchen or to the garage.

A Walmart employee will then be assigned to do the grocery shopping.

At the scheduled delivery time, the assigned Walmart worker will use a proprietary, wearable camera device and enter a one-time code on a smart lock to access the customer’s home.

This allows the customer to control the worker’s access into his or her home, and offers one the ability to watch the delivery remotely.

- cnbc.com

At some point the current economic model of business will be replaced with a model where people are dependent on the multinational corporations for their supply chain/delivery. It could come to a point where our food is chosen for us or we are given very limited choices based upon carbon credits or even veganism. This is a long way off but the root is taking hold.

Delivery into my home? Have we become so used to being spied on that we are willing to let a stranger into our home to deliver food while we are away?

We are getting that much closer to becoming like zoo animals.
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