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Default Utilizing Illegal Immigrants To Invade Other Nations To Bring In A Globalized World

Utilizing Illegal Immigrants To Invade Other Nations To Bring In A Globalized World

Excerpt: Starting last week multiple journalists published proof that Turkish authorities were actively facilitating refugee and migrant movement toward EU borders after Erdogan began making good on his prior threat to 'open the gates' — angry over the unfolding Idlib crisis. This included footage of buses staged in Istanbul and other cities to take thousands to the land border with Greece.

And now Ankara is now openly saying it's implemented a policy of not only pushing migrants to the border, but ensuring they won't come back — even after Greece shut its border and has been seen using harsh tactics to keep people from entering in a heightened militarized response.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu announced Thursday the deployment of 1,000 special operations police officers to ensure migrants can't return.

- zerohedge.com

It's all there in front of your face. The Turkish government, an ally in NATO, actively promoting the Kalergi Plan: Destroy Western Civilization Mind/Culture/Nations Thru Mass Invasion.

This is no accident. Western forces started it by invading the Middle East decades ago creating a massive refugee crisis by destroying cities and local infrastructure. Yes, we can say 911 started this "War On Terror" but western forces were there long before 911. We can debate who started what but we need to focus on what has been planned and what is being fomented against sovereign nations everywhere today and the EU/Turkey nightmare is a perfect example of globalist's plans going as planned when working together yet appearing to hate one another.

President Erdogan of Turkey is using illegal aliens as a weapon to invade the EU... a page right out of the Kalergi Plan to break sovereign nations of unique cultures and people via invasion by completely different people and cultures... a placing together of groups who aren't compatible for at least another 100 years... or until they all have drunken enough "progressive" propaganda that they all become the same... people who all look and think alike as long as the focus is on what is being fed to them by globalist social media companies, experts and authorities.

Now we have these illegal aliens who are stuck between the EU and Turkey with soldiers from both sides not allowing them to move. Death and chaos. That is the way of the deceiver who wants power and millions of lives don't matter to the global plan.
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