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Exclamation 1000's Protest Covid-19 Lockdowns In Madrid

1000's Protest Covid-19 Lockdowns In Madrid

Excerpt: London wasn't the only European city where frustrated denizens took to the streets in anger to protest another round of COVID-19-inspired lockdowns. Madrid saw anti-lockdown protests blossom into full-on riots - as they were described in the Spanish press - as clashes between citizens and police grew increasingly violent.

Protests weren't confined to Madrid. They were widespread over the weekend across areas such as Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Villa de Vallecas, Villaverde, Ciudad Lineal, Vicálvaro, San Blas and Carabanchel.

Over one million people are subject to the new localized lockdown restrictions and may only leave their homes for work, medical or educational purposes and only if they carry supporting documents.

- zerohedge.com

People are fed up, in all sovereign nations, with these global tactics to suppress and quarantine healthy people and shut down their livelihoods as opposed to just making them wear a mask.

If the globalist politicians wanted strong nations and homelands everywhere they would have mandated masks and not shut everything down. Instead, the opposite was done. The globalist politicians, working together, decided to smash the systems that were deigned for business people and families to provide for themselves.

Once all this is done there will be many more homeless people and people dependent on government handouts because of this plan.

Look at the riots. People want to work and provide for their own not be laid off and made to live off social benefits and then told what to do and how by global, government bureaucracy.

Many politicians of varying countries are beholden to rules and loans given out by global entities, international banks and central banks... therefore these politicians do the same thing in dealing with covid-19... shut down and quarantine... destroy the system under the banner of "trying to help you". Whether they know it or not... they are slaves to these lenders and global masters.

The citizens of each sovereign nation pays dearly with their children's future which will have a lack of freedom and choices.
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