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Old November 20th, 2020, 12:07 AM
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Default CA Governor Newsom Demands 94% Of Residents Follow Curfew 10PM-5AM

CA Governor Newsom Demands 94% Of Residents Follow Curfew 10PM-5AM

Excerpt: California Gov Gavin Newsom rolled out a new 2200-0500 curfew that will apply to the 94% of the state that's now under the highest level of COVID restrictions.

The new "limited stay at home order" (at least that's what officials are calling it) will require all "nonessential" personnel to stay home overnight.

The CDC is urging the 50 million Americans planning to travel during the holiday season to instead stay home, and find ways to gather with their family members in a socially distanced way. Doctors and government officials are claiming that even gathering with one other household is too much of a risk.

- zerohedge.com

Are you seeing a trend here?

First it was socially distance to bring the curve of infections down. Then it was total lock-downs of "non-essential" businesses. Now in some countries and states; such as California it's mandatory curfews for 94% of the state until December 21st.

Can you believe this? What happened to wearing masks and doing business? How can a governor or public health mandate that 94% of state citizens lock themselves in their homes against a virus that kills less than 5% of the people it infects... mainly the aged and those with pre-medical conditions?

Talk about overkill and the quick use of and abuse of power against real data.

Both Pelosi, Newsom and other politicians across the nation who have demanded lock-downs and demanded that good business owners shut their doors and take it to the poor house have done the opposite, getting caught at parties, getting their hair done in secret, etc..

These politicians are the same types who have literally hid the data, data that didn't fit the fear narrative and ordered businesses shut down anyway, crushing people's lives and the lives of their kids!

If we don't submit then the authorities send the police to crush constitutional rights, hand out tickets, take people to jail and even dole out brutal violence on those who stand up to the corrupt politicians who ordered this... these mandates based on a ultra-low mortality rate.

People, teens and children are being treated like branded cattle, owned by a group of rancher barons who need the cattle for specific reasons of which don't include freedom to wear a mask and do business.

On top of all this, Dr. Fauci has said that even with the vaccine that people may still be mandated to socially distance and wear a mask. See how we give an inch and they take a foot?

Others have said that things will stay like this until 2024 possibly. Is this to get the new generations to bow like servants and do as they are told to a government that is designed to work for us but is actually so corrupt that they instead make an enemy out of us? From surveillance to massive armories for the police all aimed at the American citizen. Why?

It's all coming together. We are being pushed into a small corner to be made into the image they deem fit as acceptable to them. Not intelligent. Not questioning. Not fighting back.
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