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Old August 29th, 2020, 12:53 AM
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Exclamation Common Global Theme, Authorities Assaulting Citizens To Make Wear Mask

VIDEO: Spain, Women Beaten By Cop For Not Properly Wearing Masks!

VIDEO: Paris, Bar Invaded By Mass Police Because Not Enough Masks & Not Enough Social Distancing!

VIDEO: Australia, Woman Choked For Not Wearing A Mask!

VIDEO: America, Florida, 3 Women Arrested For Not Wearing Face Masks!

I support wearing a face mask but it shouldn't be mandatory and forced because once that happens... what's next? How much of our freedoms should we allow to be taken away?

What's next, The Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press?

What's next? We already allow the TSA to search us in embarrassing ways at the airport. We already allow the NSA to spy on our phone conversations. We allow facial recognition. We allow politicians to support illegal immigrants to feast on tax paid benefits reserved for citizens.

What's next for Americans and others across the world as the consensus of global thought by globalist leaders is to intimidate its own citizens, take away their rights and do whatever they want to us and any sovereign nation?
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