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Exclamation France: Teacher Beheaded, Others Beheaded, Priest Shot - Extreme Muslims Responsible

France: Teacher Beheaded, Others Beheaded, Priest Shot - Extreme Muslims Responsible

Excerpt: A Greek Orthodox priest in Lyon, France, was critically injured when he was shot as he was closing his church Saturday afternoon.

This attack comes as the nation is on high alert after a series of recent terrorist attacks, including a knife attack in Nice on Thursday that saw three killed: a woman who was nearly decapitated and a man beheaded inside a church, and a third woman stabbed several times before she was able to run away. She died of her injuries later.

On Oct. 16, a teacher was beheaded outside of Paris. In both of those attacks, the assailants shouted “God is great!” in Arabic.

- nypost.com

How the "progressive" leaders like it. Sending the local people into harms way by allowing millions of Muslims in, rife with many extremist versions, to hammer the locals into fear and submission.

This is the destruction of sovereign nations... just as the west invades the Middle East... the refugees seek revenge by invading the EU.

Tit-for-tat. An-eye-for-an-eye. This madness, fostered by globalists, continues.
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