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Default The Unintended Consequences Of Animal Gene Editing - Broken Animals

The Unintended Consequences Of Animal Gene Editing - Broken Animals

Excerpt: Unintended effects have included enlarged rabbit tongues and extra pig vertebrae, as bioethicists warn of hubris.

If you have a Wall Street Journal membership you can read the full article at the link above.

The point is that we are damaging creatures for the sake of creating a food supply chain that will be highly controlled by a global, centralized system. It is already controlled from corporate ranch and farm, to grocery store and to table but now we will literally be growing meat.

We have products that are used on animals first that isn't necessary; such as soaps and shampoos (why not use natural ingredients). I suppose medicine is different as it can save lives... but gene editing... what are we doing and who is monitoring this?

Not enough people with morals are involved in this highly life changing science. Creating animals that are broken to only suffer due to scientific curiosity is difficult to justify.

What it boils down to... after reading the information at this site, globalproject.is, do you really trust the people who are doing these experiments?
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