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Exclamation Sex Robots To Get Skin That Is Sensitive Like Real Flesh

Sex Robots To Get Skin That Is Sensitive Like Real Flesh

Excerpt: The TouchYou is the latest development in sex-related technology that will supposedly make sexual interactions between humans and sex dolls more natural.

- thesun.co.uk

Just like how industries and the depraved are trying to make the LGBTQ lifestyle more "natural" by teaching it in schools... trans children more "natural" by teaching them to be either gender neutral or the opposite sex... by offering "natural" sex with robots... by offering "naturally" depraved porn of the sickest type, mainstreaming it into homes... you see, there are groups with lots of money out there who want to make us all exist from our lowest, animalistic levels and to only focus on sex and the primitive desires.

It is this kind of programming, from the music we listen to, to the garbage we watch online that is reshaping who we are. The war for the dumbing down of people everywhere is happening in front of our eyes.

If the enemy wins... we all disappear as our free selves and become slaves to what they feed us.
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