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Default Placing Human Cells Into Chicken Embryo - How Far Will Science Go?

Placing Human Cells Into Chicken Embryo - How Far Will Science Go?

A TEAM of stem cell researchers have done the seemingly impossible and successfully combined artificial human cells with the embryo of a chicken in a shock new experiment aimed at trying to better understand developing life.

Science isn't just a regimen of proving something based on actual data at hand it's also a sector funded by government grants and corporate investors.

They have agendas to control people, make money from science and also hide data if it's not in the best interest of government and/or corporate interests.

What are they experimenting on that we don't know about? If our government is willing to blow trillions on war in the Middle East what are they willing to experiment with and on who?

If willing to mash human cells and a chicken embryo together... well... anything is possible in the eyes of government and corporate power.

How about a scientific way to make males passive? How about a way to create a disease that harms a specific race? How about a way to cure cancer but not make it available because having cancer is more profitable than curing it?

You think "they" have your best interests at heart? Do they have a heart?
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