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Exclamation Big Corporations Aim To "Squeeze" Out Smaller Competition Cause They Want It All

Big Corporations Aim To "Squeeze" Out Smaller Competition Cause They Want It All

Excerpt: Strategists Sean Darby and Steven DeSanctis predicted in a note that in 2020, bigger organizations will begin to take market share from smaller to medium-sized companies. That is, those with more size, scale and technology which can use that to their advantage to reach more customers.

Companies that have been investing in technology are able to watch digital engagement and consumer data closely, and have more marketing power, say Jefferies’ strategists.

- marketwatch.com

It's all spelled out for you. Mom-and-pop capitalism will find it much more difficult to compete as the large multinational companies ratchet up their attacks on small businesses by hammering the world with more advertising and more targeted marketing... all for the monopoly of a market... to control the supply chain and flow of product... especially price.

This is the abuse of capitalism as this corporatism model is based on global control and the destruction of self-reliance for small businesses.

Can you read between the lines and understand this?
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