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Default What is the Press all about?

Back in the day the idea of newspapers and reporters was unbiased information would be "reported" to the public - tax paying citizens. News was going to be based on facts as opposed to speculation or outright twisting of facts to promote a particular corporation, political party or ideology.

Today we've had numerous, blatant twisting of facts. What was once termed "reporting" has been replaced with "journalism". The terms are different. It's as if reporting is to officially report while journalism is some kid writing in their diary from a biased perspective. Because of this blatant bias and poor reporting there is very little faith in the press today, driving citizens to search for alternative news sources.

News media outlets; such as FOX, CNN, ABC, and all the other mainstream sources are owned and controlled by a handful of multinational corporations - globalists.

Unfortunately the press picks and chooses what they want to focus on and how they will write about it. The press, in a sense, was to be like the three branches of government - to keep power in a state of balance. They would report the facts and expose those who were doing wrong no matter how powerful he or she was. With such investigative strength, intelligence, and access the press was going to be the shining light. That day has long passed.

The mainstream press now focuses on two themes:

1.) To divide the nation into two camps based on the narrow thinking of "progressive" Democrats or the weak Republican party.

2.) To divide the nation between the haves and the have-nots based on racial stories, police activities, and the wealth gap.

There isn't much room for anything else but spin. The mainstream press spins most everything in order to divide the nation. Yet the press never rallies around blatant abuses like Hillary Clinton keeping a secret server at her house, the Fast and Furious illegal gun running into Mexico with both Obama's and Holder's blessing, the fallacy of Obamacare, the IRS targeting conservative groups, etc..

One would think if the press was unbiased they would report the facts and expose political corruption with the end result being punishment for those involved in the coverups. But nothing ever happens. The news continues to jump from one story to the next, brushing the past into the dustbin of history.

The problem is that the mainstream press has been taken over by globalists who don't care about honest reporting or the truth. Their focus is on destruction and chaos so that a global governance will arise to save everyone from themselves via the helpful hand of government.

Video - Behind the Big News: Clip 1 of 3, An Introduction to Biases of the Mainstream News Media

Video - Behind the Big News: Clip 2 of 3, How the CFR Controlls the American Media

Video - Behind the Big News: Clip 3 of 3, Media Bias Meant to Forward Globalist Objectives
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