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Default CNN Goes To Venezuela To Foment Protests

CNN Goes To Venezuela To Foment Protests

Excerpt: A CNN “exclusive” report from inside Venezuela aired multiple times on the network on January 28. It is a prime example of how influential media outlets in the U.S. effectively create propaganda for the opposition, which now is receiving funds from President Donald Trump’s administration.

- shadowproof.com

I don't like Maduro and what he has done to his own people. It's horrible but I also think The People should revolt and put their chosen leader in place as opposed to the USA trying to force their chosen leader in.

The article cited above reads like a support piece for socialism which I generally do not support as it leads to bondage of The People. But American government and media shouldn't be taking sides which the media does well.

CNN is known for hammering Trump but now these "progressive" media giants support Trump's anger over Venezuela. How convenient for globalizing South America.

I stand by sovereign nations without globalists meddling into the affairs of locals.

Nothing says democracy better than a foreign-backed coup.

Trump & Wasserman Shultz Team Up To Take Maduro/Venzuela Down
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