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Default Time Magazine Editor Admitted He Made Quote Up

Time Magazine Columnist Admitted He Made Quote Up

Excerpt: Time Magazine columnist Ian Bremmer on Sunday tweeted a quote from President Donald Trump about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that quickly went viral — but it wasn’t real.

“President Trump in Tokyo: ‘Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.'” Bremmer wrote on Twitter.

Bremmer left the false post up for several hours before conceding he made up the quote and deleting the tweet, which he defended as “plausible.”

- dailycaller.com

The press and other media outlets have become so comfortable with lying to the citizenry that they don't even apologize when they purposefully lie about facts and/or quotes.

That is a comfort level that I nor should you feel okay with. What else do they lie about... from any perspective, left, right or center?

The flow of information is extremely important in maintaining freedom. If that flow is monopolized, controlled, censored of differing views... democracy and truth will soon be a thing of the past and people will be fighting upon false knowledge, lies and deception... kind of like today in America and other nations too.

Nazis controlled the news... communists control the news... today we have people in America trying to control the news to destroy what America was and could have been.
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