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Default The Internet Of Yesterday Versus Today

The Internet Of Yesterday Versus Today

Excerpt: When Congress passed the 1996 Communications Decency Act, it included a provision—Section 230—that largely freed certain Internet companies from liability for third-party content posted on or moving across their networks or platforms. Combined with the decentralized design of the Internet, these policies promoted a medium that allowed users to exchange information freely.

That one paragraph in this article says it all... especially "allowed users to exchange information freely".

See, back then, the early 2000's and the 90's, information was free as it should be. We all deserve to be free, informed and able to pick what information we desire to read about.

Today as the internet has been hijacked by massive social media companies, that flow of information is being bottle-necked and assessed for viewpoints and ideas but only the ones that agree with or promote "progressive", leftist and globalist centralized policies are allowed through to the masses.

That kind of activity (censorship of Americans) is celebrated by "progressives" but slammed as horrible if done by someone else who is on the wrong side of the political aisle; such as this point in the article: Sometimes, autocrats even get private companies to do their bidding. The Turkish government, in the midst of a crackdown on opposition since a failed coup attempt in 2016, has forced Facebook to remove content.

Want to see more slamming of censorship by "progressives" in America yet they do the same thing... censor Americans---> Google Employees Cool With Censoring USA But Not China

In America if it discusses national sovereignty, conservative ideals, morality, natural family units... or anything that could wake people up to their power within and the importance of their family unit it is vilified and even censored.

Yes that is the internet of today... even in America.

It is the growing empire of globalist centralization versus sovereign nations. The internet which is much akin to a mind-net is up for grabs. Will centralization of all things and natural resources win or will there be a hybrid civilization of sovereign nations who work together as opposed to one central authority?

The EU came up with a way to monetize links which could be prohibitive and create a form of monetary censorship forever---> Future Press/Social Media To Charge For Linking And More...

A great plan---> Vision Of Global Project: Balanced Market & Global Sovereignty System
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