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Exclamation The Online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia Controlled By Special Interest Groups

The Online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia Controlled By Special Interest Groups

Excerpt: I’ve done quite a bit of reporting about how Wikipedia is definitely not “the encyclopedia anyone can edit.” It’s become a vehicle for special interests to control information. Agenda editors are able to prevent or revert edits and sourcing on selected issues and people in order to control the narrative.

- sharylattkisson.com

If we read less books and cite less sources, especially the newer generations who rely on online data so much, this leaves a huge hole for real information as opposed to information that is lied about to force a certain narrative. This is scary because it places limits on knowledge and alternative answers or viewpoints.

Remember this---> Smart Chip For The Brain Coming Soon

Imagine a chip that only gets information from Wikipedia. That is the possibility for the "smart chip" mentioned in the above link. Very limiting.

This---> Feminists Rewriting History On Wikipedia In Droves

Special interest groups who want patriarchy and males placed in a corner? This isn't okay.
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