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Default Merrill Lynch Has Been Manipulating The Precious Metals Markets

Merrill Lynch Has Been Manipulating The Precious Metals Markets

Excerpt: On Tuesday after the close, the CFTC announced that Merrill Lynch Commodities (MLCI), a global commodities trading business, agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the government’s investigation into a multi-year scheme by MLCI precious metals traders to mislead the market for precious metals futures contracts traded on the COMEX (Commodity Exchange Inc.).

- zerohedge.com

I doubt just Merrill Lynch was involved. There are so many market manipulators out there with deep pockets.

This really is too bad because it shows the greed out there. Instead of being content by making money without massive manipulation, global companies like this instead choose to rip off many others to make more money... in essence the hijacking of capitalism.

This is the newest insight on how the large Wall Street businesses lie and deceive the public. This is horrible because money is the lifeblood of all economies.
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