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Default McDonald's To Make Drive-Thru Operated By AI & No More Humans

McDonalds To Make Drive-Thru Operated By AI & No More Humans

Excerpt: McDonald's plans to roll out self-service kiosks across all US restaurant locations by 2020 - reducing the need to employ as many human cashiers.

- zerohedge.com

McDonald's is a massive company and they are investing in many other technologies to automate the restaurant industry. Automation means less opportunities for human workers.

What does all this mean? It means that humans will lose independence and the overall global government will gain through human dependence. As humans and sovereign nations are weakened, made to choose from limited choices offered by global minded governments and corporations, the narrowing of knowledge and ability will increase. We will go from a consumer shopping being with many choices to a being who is dependent and should be happy with what is provided.

This is not a bright future. A future where not only will rocking the boat be frowned upon but ultimately people won't even understand what rocking the boat is.
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