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Default BBC Tells Children In Teaching Videos There Are Over 100 Genders

BBC Tells Children In Teaching Videos There Are Over 100 Genders

Excerpt: The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) tells primary schoolchildren that there are over 100 genders as part of its “Teach” video series, which has some concerned parents and observers up in arms.

- breitbart.com

Clearly the BBC is pushing the LGBTQ agenda to schoolchildren and to anyone else who will listen to their anti-science garbage.

There is nothing in the world of nature or science that proves there are 100 genders within human beings. This is simply the global propaganda machine working hard to sway normal hetero men, women and children into believing that this is true.

Just like Hollywood and other LGBTQ allies out there... this is the push to weaken heterosexuality, weaken the formation of natural family units and weaken men who are seen from the skewed lens of "toxic masculinity" and "evil patriarchy".

Children are being brainwashed... like in a cult that their natural path is wrong and that choices exist to drop the yoke of nature for an alternative lifestyle.

This alternative lifestyle is desired by humanity's future masters - globalists.
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