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Default "Smart Cities" Like New York Creating Mass Surveillance

"Smart Cities" Like New York Creating Mass Surveillance

Excerpt: More than a million New Yorkers could soon willingly agree to carry a government-issued tracking device...

...a tiny RFID chip that the mayor wants to embed into each and every municipal ID card for New York residents as part of the “IDNYC” program.

Smart cities proponents claim that by integrating the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and networks of sensors that we can make our children smarter, our commutes faster, and even save lives.

- thedailybeast.com

These Smart Programs aren't designed to make people more free... they are designed to make people more trackable. To be spied on more. To be watched more. To be monitored more.

Imagine if a king lived for a thousand years and got a nation to the point of being like America. Now let's say this king had a thousand more years to live and he wanted to make sure that he hung onto his power for the next thousand years. He would implement these exact same types of surveillance programs from outside and even in products like Alexa. We would be monitored in order to preserve the king's power by spying on us... us who didn't do anything to warrant this type of tyranny.

Apparently we accept the surveillance state of today because different political parties and presidents continue to implement it in stages as opposed to this one king example. If we had one king doing all of this we would probably be more apt to protest because it's from one monarchy, a single tyrannical regime. Instead we just keep going about our business as one political administration after another continues to tighten the surveillance state upon us.

What is a Smart City? A Smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use these data to manage assets and resources efficiently.

- wikipedia.org
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