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Exclamation "Trad" Wives Compared To ISIS Brides By Hardcore Feminists

"Trad" Wives Compared To ISIS Brides By Hardcore Feminists

Excerpt: According to the article written by Julia Ebner: “A growing online community of women are rejecting feminism in favour of submission to men. The techniques used to radicalise them are similar to those used to groom Isis brides.”

Apparently, women who choose to be subservient to men in the framework of a traditional marriage now represent an extremist movement.

Self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” researcher Becca Lewis reacted to a BBC piece about ‘trad wives’ by labeling it “literal white supremacist propaganda.”

The New York Times also published an article asserting that “mommy-vlogging is a virulent strain of white nationalism.”

- newspunch.com

- thetimes.co.uk

First off, what is a "trad" wife? This is another made up word by the extreme left. Instead of a traditional wife... the term traditional has been shortened into trad.

This is also to imply that the traditional wife is a novelty or a thing of the past. A type of person to be looked down upon as no longer necessary as belonging to the past or history.

You see, in order for the left to be successful they must redefine everything that makes family and society strong and redefining the wife, husband, family and natural relationships is a powerful way to indoctrinate children and those people who only live life via the lens of emotion as opposed to logic.

Now also take notice that these "progressives" are also aligning white nationalism or white supremacy with the loving wife. As if only white people grew stronger via the traditional family model of wife and husband. These leftists don't dare attack black or brown families as if their natural families don' count... well at least not at this moment.

The insanity of destroying natural families, wives and husbands through this toxic propaganda is quite dangerous to the sovereignty of not only families everywhere but of sovereign nations and their cultures too.

When groups aim to destroy the male and female designation as if they don't exist... as if nature has no role in biology and science... this is the mentally ill, the foot-soldiers of the left who are aiming to break the strength of nature and family down.

Be aware.

Remember---> Woman Publicly Shamed On Television For Taking Care Of Her Family
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