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Exclamation China Arrests Christians Zooming Easter Services

China Arrests Christians Zooming Easter Services

Excerpt: Chinese police raided the homes of members of the Early Rain Covenant Church on Easter Sunday, arresting six church leaders for participating in an online religious service via Zoom.

While suppressing all online religious activities, the government also plans to shut down all seminaries, training classes, kindergartens, as well as regular and Sunday schools run by house churches, according to a “government insider.”

“In China there is freedom of worship, a freedom that permits going to Mass, but clergy are controlled in their activities, controlled in their meetings, controlled in their subject matter, and even controlled in their homilies,” Father Bernardo Cervellera, the director of AsiaNews, the official press agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), stated in a newly released documentary.

- breitbart.com

In China there are two types of religions. Freedom of Religion done in houses and then there is state sanctioned religion by the communist party.

State sanctioned religion is highly controlled and points are censored so as not to allow people to see how God gave them an unlimited mind and spirit... only a mind to follow a state leader in daily living and to pray properly as the state sees fit.

A propagandized church that is highly regulated does not allow open worship in a way that allows the congregation to give one's self fully to God as fear of the state is embedded in the heart and mind.

China also wants to be the leading nation in globalization... an influencer of how the world should work and unsanctioned religion gets in the way of that goal.
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