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Exclamation To Break A Nation It Must Be Made Bankrupt - Check Out Unemployment Funding!

To Break A Nation It Must Be Made Bankrupt - Check Out Unemployment Funding!

Excerpt: Within the next couple of weeks, California’s unemployment insurance fund — which was the most-insolvent state fund coming into the coronavirus crisis — will run out of money.

People receiving unemployment benefits won’t notice a difference because when a fund runs dry, a state can borrow from the federal government to keep benefits flowing. California has been authorized to borrow, and will probably start “at the end of April or beginning of May,” Loree Levy, a spokeswoman for the Employment Development Department, said in an email.

- sfchronicle.com

When the numbers get so large... billions... trillions... money begins to mean nothing as the Fed just prints up more money.

California, the seventh largest economy in the world is about to run out of unemployment funds and will borrow from the Federal Govt.

Economic manipulation... abusive economic practices... all this creation of money will devalue the dollar and hence create inflation due to less products being made and the watering down of the dollar supply. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Do you remember the Cloward-Piven Plan? You should read up on it. Basically it's how to destroy a nation through mass welfare---> Cloward-Piven Plan Used To Help Overwhelm America's Welfare System/Crush Economy

Now look at what's happening. Massive unemployment and massive cash handouts. Yes, Americans need it but what they really need are their businesses and jobs back.
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