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Exclamation Powerful Porn Corporation Funds Abortion To Keep Porn Girls Screwing For Dollars!

Powerful Porn Corporation Funds Abortion To Keep Porn Girls Screwing For Dollars!

Excerpt: Since 1995, Marie Stopes International (MSI) has received over $9 million in donations from Phil Harvey, the CEO of Adam & Eve – a large erotica distributor. The donations to MSI are received in cash and supplies.

Harvey is a board member of MSI, which promotes contraception and abortion worldwide. In 2019, MSI was responsible for about 5 million abortions globally.

“Both of those industries rest on the [idea] that we can do what we want with our sexuality regardless of the cost. Unfortunately, some of those decisions have led to the ending of human life.”

She pointed to studies showing that pornography increases demand for human sex trafficking. About 30% of all internet traffic is pornography, and about 1 in 3 Americans seek out pornography at least once a month, she added.

“Pornography fuels the demand for sexual exploitation,” she said. “What most people don’t know is that pornography often uses women and children who are forced or coerced to be filmed.”

- catholicworldreport.com

The only reason global porn companies would fund abortion is to keep the notion in play that sex isn't for procreation... it is for fun and abortions are simply a solution to the consequences of sex - pregnancy.

This funding is to keep females naive to the power of the family and their ability to create a family with a man, to be dedicated to one another.

The porn world is full of illegal drug abuse, alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, sex-addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, coercion and human trafficking.

There is nothing positive about porn and how it is piped into homes via the internet for people to become addicted to and for women to allow themselves to be used to the point that they are willing to have multiple abortions as a solution to their depraved behavior.

This destruction of the female, in this way, is a prong to mold minds towards the acceptance of this dark activity. This is globalization... the ensuing of chaos and a new order born of deception to lie to people everywhere via the funding of toxic organizations made to appear kind and just.
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