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Exclamation France: Illegal Immigration So Huge That Gov. Asks Locals To House The "Minors"

France: Illegal Immigration So Huge That Gov. Asks Locals To House The "Minors"

Excerpt: Residents of Puy-de-Dme, France, are being asked by the local government to welcome 'unaccompanied foreign minors' into their homes due to overloaded asylum accommodations.

The department council has asked volunteers to join the SESAME project, which oversees placement and care for migrant minors.

Accommodation systems in the area are so overwhelmed, some young migrants are staying in hotels, the council says.

- europe.infowars.com

So what's happening here is that "progressive" politicians have opened the borders so much, causing great stress upon the locals and natural resources, that the locals need to house the illegal immigrants because there are way too many for the government to take care of via the locals tax dollars.

This is a situation that is an imbalance.

Think of it like this. The US government takes in more tax dollars every year from the populace. Yet it's not enough. The government still must print up trillions of dollars more in quantitative easing to satisfy their spending.

See the problem? The goals have gone so far to one side... the side of globalization that local people's nations and communities are being tapped like a vampire on a neck... sucking it dry.

That is reality.
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