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Default China Aims To Cover 100% Of Public Spaces With Surveillance Cameras!

China Aims To Cover 100% Of Public Spaces With Surveillance Cameras!

Excerpt: Those cameras weren’t just monitored by police and automated facial recognition algorithms. Through special TV boxes installed in their homes, local residents could watch live security footage and press a button to summon police if they saw anything amiss. The security footage could also be viewed on smartphones.

In 2015 the Chinese government announced that a similar program would be rolled out across China, with a particular focus on remote and rural towns. It was called the “Xueliang Project,” or Sharp Eyes, a reference to a quote from communist China’s former revolutionary leader Mao Zedong who once wrote that “the people have sharp eyes” when looking out for neighbors not living up to communist values.

- onezero.medium.com

Without going into detail on how extensive the CCP has developed its surveillance programs (there are many) one can gather that these tech advances aren't for the safety of the citizens of China. They are to keep citizens compliant in fear of and the CCP safe from any dissent by citizens who disagree with them.

The development of the surveillance state in China or the UK or even in the USA didn't happen because of mass revolt by the citizenry. These actions occurred and began long ago because the governments of these nations and of other nations knew that they would all be headed towards globalization as partners and they needed to begin to setup a massive surveillance state. By consolidating power together, controlling all supply chains and purposefully wrecking other nations/cultures/creeds... they knew they needed to throw the barb wire up first.

This has been in the works for far longer than we can guess in many nations and the fruits of secret tyrannical desires is now evident.

In China and growing in the UK and America and other nations is the ability to recognize faces, follow people, punish people for anti-government posts, censorship of entire groups and political parties, etc.

What is happening is the fear of being hammered by the state for having free thoughts of free life, owning property, having a traditional family, questioning authority...

Do you see?
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