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Default Boston Dynamics Shows Off Stretch - Robot Can Move 800 Boxes/Hr.

Boston Dynamics Shows Off Stretch - Robot Can Move 800 Boxes/Hr.

Excerpt: Stretch is the first robot for one task that the company has built, based on requests received from companies around the world, said Michael Perry, vice president of business development for Boston Dynamics.

“We heard pretty much universally across warehousing that truck unloading is one of the most physically difficult and unpleasant jobs … And that’s where Stretch comes into play,” Perry told Reuters.

- nypost.com

There you have it. Corporations across the globe are happy to order robotics to displace human workers. In the end it's cheaper and one gets more productivity out of a tireless robot unit.

The problem is what happens to the human being? What is that human's value now if he or she does not have a job and can remain economically free and not dependent on handouts?

This replacing of human workers will be like a virus that sweeps the globe as globalists push for this "Great Reset" for the future.

Where is humanity's place in this supposed "Great Reset"?
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