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Default Company Creates First 3D Printed Rib-Eye Steak

Company Creates First 3D Printed Rib-Eye Steak

Excerpt: Aleph Farms Ltd. has cultivated a ribeye steak using three-dimensional “bio-printing” and real cow cells -- an achievement that’s prompting the Israeli startup to eye other meat.

- bloomberg.com

The fear here is a lack of balance. What I mean is what happens to our freedoms to produce our own food if eventually all food is produced by a corporate monopoly? I am speaking of dependency here.

Imagine a world where all shelter, food and clothes... even money is supplied. What happens to our choices? What happens to our independence? What happens when we give up ourselves so much that we have nothing to offer in return... not even a fight to get our freedoms back?

Think upon this. Some people want to be dependent. They never grew up, they are lazy and they have zero original ideas. They are the weakest point of the average human. Think upon this.

What are we as a species becoming? Stronger and more innovative or weaker, more dependent and less innovative?

What would globalists want? Strong or weak beings? Wolves or sheep?
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