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Exclamation How Is The Attack On Masculinity Like China's "Great Cultural Revolution"?

How Is The Attack On Masculinity Like China's "Great Cultural Revolution"?

What was China's "Great Cultural Revolution" about?

...from about 1966 to 1976. The Red Guards, mostly teenagers and people in their twenties, took over the country. The idea was to destroy the “Four Olds” – old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas. China had already undergone a serious economic and political revolution since Mao took over after World War II. Now it was time to destroy what was left of traditional Chinese civilization.

Most people are unaware of how violent and completely out of control it became. Book burnings of pre-Mao literature. Red Guards – and everybody else if they were smart – waved Mao’s Little Red Book as “virtue signaling.” There was wholesale destruction of artwork, furniture, and clothing. Everyone, everywhere, wore “Mao suits” – your choice of grey, brown, or blue. Public shaming and beating. Millions were sent to the countryside for sessions of self and mutual criticism after 12 hours in the fields.

What does China's "Great Cultural Revolution" have to do with today's attacks on masculinity or being a Caucasian male?

Western civilization is the product of Europe and America. And Europe and America have historically been run by white people. This has been true since the founding of Western civilization in the days of the ancient Greeks, up through the Romans, through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution. These are all exclusively products of Western civilization. Which, coincidentally, means the product of white males.

The so-called Social Justice Warriors, PC types, socialists, etc. and their numerous allies, hate Western civilization. Despite being – no, actually because it is – by far, by an order of magnitude, the freest, most accepting, most progress-oriented civilization ever. By an order of magnitude. And white males are inextricably associated with those values.

Everything associated with the old America is being discredited. Big things like free speech, the free market, individualism, limited government. Old religious traditions are debunked. The work ethic is laughed at, to be replaced by a guaranteed annual income. Little things from the car culture, to fast food, to houses in the suburbs are derided as toxic.

As you and I can read... the idea is to not only destroy Caucasian males because of their ability to invent and design free systems; such as the Declaration of Independence but also their ability to invent.

Self-empowered people have no place in a world controlled by globalists. Globalists aim to manipulate and dumb-down the populace... making people dependent upon the system of handouts and weak intellectually and physically.

When you really start looking, investigating, listening, researching... only then will you see what is going on - the slow takeover of the world and every sovereign nation thereof and the attack on family and patriarchy is a huge target.
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