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Default Another Blood Moon To End The World 07/27/18?

Another Blood Moon To End The World 07/27/18?

On July 27, the moon will glow a bright red-orange which will be seen around much of the globe during the longest lunar eclipse of this century. As the moon passes through Earth’s shadow, some prophecize that the blood moon event is a significant one, signaling the end of the world.

Various publications are beginning to claim that there are “conspiracy theorists” who are prophecizing the blood moon as a sign of an oncoming apocalypse.

- shtfplan.com

It appears that we recently had a blood moon with the same backing... that of the apocalypse. Does this mean these are inaccurate? Does this mean that the general time is accurate as in perhaps closer to fall of this year?

We all know, especially by reading the data on this site, that rough times are ahead. The economic/trade/tariff issues... the division within America, the EU and other nations... lies told as truth by both media and government officials... the increase of robotics/AI and the laying off of human workers... it will get bad.

Will 07/2718 be that day where it all comes to a head or will this be a slow boil over time?
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