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Default Poking The Dragon (China) With A Stick For A Big Reason

Poking The Dragon (China) With A Stick For A Big Reason

Excerpt: Just days after a report that two Chinese J-11 fighter jets buzzed a US spy plane above the South China Sea, Beijing has officially escalated its displeasure at US surveillance up the chain of command and as Reuters reports, Beijing has demanded an end to all U.S. surveillance near China.

- zerohedge.com

Just as I think Fukushima is NOT being cleaned up on purpose... I think we (the US government acting on the behalf of the globalists) are trying to create war with China and Russia.

Clearly we have been harassing both of those countries. BUT they have been doing unsavory things as well; such as taking over the South China Sea with man-made islands and Russia's taking of Crimea.

But were those moves to simply protect themselves from encroaching western forces/culture or the operation of a larger scheme?

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that all of this is scripted by America, China, Russia, etc. for the ultimate power brokers, the globalists. WWIII may very well be planned by these active participants in order to usher the global government in.
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