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Default Destroying Caucasian Minds Gives Globalists Advantage - All Minds NEXT!

Question: What's a good way to keep someone down?

Answer: Keep throwing his or her past into their face even if it's not their past.

Question: Why are there literally thousands of books published about Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime?

Answer: To keep all generations of Caucasians feeling guilty about Hitler's race-based ideology.

Ever notice how there are much fewer books written about Stalin or the Khmer Rouge and the millions of people they killed?

The conspiracy theory is that if globalism is to succeed then it must also go after certain groups; such as Caucasians since their mind-type (America's forefathers) wrote and drafted the documents for the freest nation on Earth - the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

That kind of thinking and the genetic trait for that has no place in a globalized world and must be quashed.

How can particular minds be quashed? One way is the guilt trip. By affiliating whole groups of people with the Nazi party even though the only thing they have in common is the same skin color many will self-identify as inherently bad, especially overly-sensitive millennials.

If a Caucasian is proud of their history of inventions or of western civilization they are immediately labeled as racist Nazis. That's a genius way to keep someone down by associating their historical success with Nazis.

When Stalin, the Khmer Rouge or Mao Zedong (all tyrannical communists) came into power what did they do to keep power?

Answer: They found and executed the intellectuals. In other words they murdered those in the local population who explored their own reality on an intellectual level; such as professors, mathematicians and even musicians. Sometimes if one wore glasses they were singled out and murdered as well.

These executions were to make sure that no one leaning intellectually organized a successful revolt against the communists. The people were to be kept dumb and working to provide for the communist government who took all the good portions of production and the workers were given the rest, divided equally amongst them like in a prison. No more. No less.

Reading the trends here at the site one can see how schools are having anti-white classes, anti-masculinity classes and the common core curriculum is being enforced. We even see people claiming that only white people can be racists. And if a white person speaks out against the economics of illegal immigration they are hounded as racists who only think of skin color when the points they are making are purely economic.

The point of this is to make the modern, pacified Caucasian flee and hide. To feel guilt for something he or she never had a hand in. This gives globalists an edge because this shuts down the potential for the Caucasian to be competitive. Globalists don't want competition. They just want it all therefore the type of thinking behind the origination of America must be poisoned because America became the freest nation. A nation of many races, free to own their own property, run their own business and have a government that was supposed to answer to the citizens.

Now of course many globalists are Caucasians but there are also globalists (titans of industry and government) in all countries/varying races. They are united in core principles - to solidify the goals of the 1% to control the world. Regular people of any background (Caucasians, Africans, Asians, etc.) are seen as cattle. But just as Christianity and their love for God is being maligned so is the Caucasian.

Who's next? The Chinese? On average they have a higher IQ than Caucasians and their eastern civilization is amazing. Is it a coincidence that now life-long President Xi wants to be the new face of globalization? As they grow outward their culture and Chinese "privilege" will be attacked as well.

When the globalists have had their way with the EU and America you can bet that the next target for reprogramming the populace will be China.

Obviously this "reprogramming" is happening everywhere through the media, product placement, economic coercion, etc. Africa, South America, India and so many others are being brought into the fold.

Remember: Trump got elected by the electoral college for a reason - to make Caucasians in America look arrogant, manic and stupid.

The ploy to poison the Caucasian is working.

This post and many more on this site are controversial. Globalization is ugly. Individual people can be ugly. But the issues, conspiracy or not must be examined or at least brought to light. This post isn't about maligning races. It's about pointing out the slamming of one particular race.

If someone feels threatened over their position what do they do? The power-hungry person goes after the person they feel is a threat. It's that simple.
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