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Default VIDEO: Africa Is Becoming China's Greatest Investment - Owned By China

VIDEO: Africa Is Becoming China's Greatest Investment - Owned By China

- youtube.com

I've placed extensive articels up about how Africa is being "developed" by not just China but also America and other globalist nations. These people are being d-e-v-e-l-o-p-e-d.

This means they are giving up their private business potential, natural resource potential and even industry sectors if they don't pay up immediately for loans.

Africans are being brought into the global fold and embracing it as if being rescued. It's a matter of perspective. My side says it's nice for now but spells doom for all Africans decades from now as they will become like lazy, divided Americans... at least half will.

Africa is the nation to develop. They will have massive growth under the globalist model that leads to dependency.

China To Take Over Kenyan Port Cause Kenya Can't Pay Off Loan

VIDEO: Chinese Belittle Africans In Africa For Lack Of Development
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