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Default VIDEO: Woman Says She Can Beat Any Marine In Boxing Match

VIDEO: Woman Says She Can Beat Any Marine In Boxing Match

One of the most ridiculous videos out there but it is data. The data says that men and women are better together as couples and not as adversaries.

Why some women want to be just like men physically or to show that they can beat them physically seems more like something lacking in the woman's personality makeup.

Women (and men too) are being fed lies. Even the transgender movement where biological sex or gender is a social construct is a lie. These lies promote division between men and women which is unhealthy and allows other powers/narratives to come in and manipulate men and women further from their natural state... the natural state of being together.

The male marine won't get any props for beating on a woman either. Sure, "he showed her" but at what cost? It's a lose lose situation that will only embolden more men and women to separate even further.

Clearly women don't need men to simply get them pregnant. Men invent, build, protect, love and are fathers too. When will the man-hating stop? When will women revolt against the extreme feminists and transgender lies that have done more harm than good?
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