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Default Fast-Food Industry Has Increased Fat, Salt & Other Bad Ingredients Over Time

Fast-Food Industry Has Increased Fat, Salt & Other Bad Ingredients Over Time

Excerpt: While so many other companies bent to the wills of consumers asking for better food, America’s fast-food giants flouted the trends. In the last 30 years, as Americans demanded less salt and tried to trim their caloric intake, fast-food chains served up more salt, increased portion sizes, and added calories to their meals, according to a new study published this week (Feb. 27) in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

I don't believe that market share is the only driving factor in creating already unhealthy food into even unhealthier food.

Remember, Facebook isn't simply a social media site to post personal information to for the world to see. The ulterior motive is to collect data about users and in effect become the world's most popular spy agency where people willingly give up their data.

The fast-food industry is no different in the respect that they are wolves in sheep's clothing. On the superficial layer they continue to provide "food". In reality, they are in the business of making people sick by overloading their foods with overinflated amounts of sugar, salt, hormones and other chemicals that lead to depression, obesity, cancer and early death.
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