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Default Feds Discussing Raising The Gasoline Tax!

Feds Discussing Raising The Gasoline Tax!

Excerpt: Last week, President Donald Trump’s transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, told senators that a gas tax hike was on the table when asked whether the White House would support such a move.

And this week, Democrats are indicating that they too are ready to consider a tax increase — an effort that would fund publicly popular infrastructure improvements but has hit a hard wall of opposition for years from fiscal conservatives and advocates for low-income people alike.

- mcclatchydc.com

Here's a thought; how about getting our soldiers out of the Middle East (besides embassies) and choking back on welfare for illegal aliens? That would allow billions of tax dollars to be invested into America's infrastructure.

The problem: Politicians realize that doing the above would bring in less contracts from the Middle East (to rebuild things we destroyed) and illegal aliens generate votes and cheap labor.

The idea that America and its citizens are the highest priority is an illusion. It is the pocketbook of the politicians and their corporate buddies that is the priority.
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