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Default Population Growth Has Gotten So Bad... Burger King Brings Food To Stuck Commuters

Population Growth Has Gotten So Bad... Burger King Brings Food To Stuck Commuters

Excerpt: After a successful test in Mexico City, fast-food chain Burger King will begin delivering food to drivers caught in traffic in Los Angeles in what they have dubbed The Traffic Jam Whopper.

Once the order is placed, Burger King motorcyclist delivery people use Google map technology via the app to pinpoint the driver’s exact location.

- losangeles.cbslocal.com

People are stuck in traffic jams for so long that they are now having food delivered to them while sitting in the traffic jam. This is okay? It's okay to live like this? It's okay to allow illegal aliens in by the millions while American citizens sit for hours in traffic, meaning that we don't need to allow in illegal aliens.

Where is the planning here? In the future will traffic jams be so bad that people take 3 hour naps? Will we find this acceptable? Will we order a service to come by and knock on our car window to wake us up?

Look at how we have allowed our lives and the quality of it to be determined by worthless policies and politicians who allow our homeland to become a commuter nightmare. This is progress?
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