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Default China Dumping More US Treasuries As Trade War Ratchets Up!

China Dumping More US Treasuries As Trade War Ratchets Up!

Excerpt: China sold the most U.S. Treasuries in almost 2-1/2 years in March amid uncertainty about a trade deal between Beijing and Washington, data from the U.S. Treasury Department released on Wednesday showed.

Since last week after a dismal 10-year Treasury auction, there has been renewed speculation whether China may sell its U.S. debt in retaliation for increased tariffs on $200 billion of its exports to the United States.

Foreign central banks and other government entities accelerated their reduction of U.S. assets, selling $21.7 billion in March versus a revised $10.1 billion the month before.

Is the fix in? Are the globalists across the world in their positions of power aligning to go against the US and nationalism everywhere and aim to make the US an example?

What kind of war is ultra-powerful with many casualties? An economic war.
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