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Default Border Patrol Who Protects Borders Now Dumping Illegals In America/Overcapacity

Border Patrol Who Protects Borders Now Dumping Illegals In America/Overcapacity

Excerpt: Apprehensions of migrant families in California’s El Centro sector rose 383 percent in the seven months through April from a year earlier as record numbers of mainly Central Americans crossed the border, Border Patrol data shows.

In San Bernardino, long a transit hub for east-west travel and freight, immigrants were dropped off at the bus terminal by Customs and Border Patrol Agents to wait for family, friends or volunteers to pick them up. - Reuters

- zerohedge.com

Looks like the border patrol has been so overwhelmed that they have no where to place the illegals.

Who is giving them the order to place all these illegals inside the USA? That sounds like the EU "progressive" policy of allowing anyone in at anytime. What's the point of a border if it's not regulated?

The problem is that we don't turn anyone away, we provide a ride, we give out free benefits, we provide housing... all on the tax dollars citizens provide to the government.

This is what bankrupts nations. Money doesn't last forever.
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