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Default Personal Account Of Facial Surveillance At Walmart!

The other day I was at Walmart. Walmart has gone through some changes recently. Our Walmart was remodeled and with that remodel they shrunk their magazine section down by two-thirds as well as their book section by the same amount. I guess people don't read magazines or books anymore... probably too busy scanning information on their smartphone as opposed to reading.

So this Walmart also has the new pickup option where a customer can order their groceries online, drive to Walmart and then pick them up. Well the parking lot has been changed. They took away multiple parking spots and I am certain they did this to steer customers towards the pickup option.

Anyone who has been to a Walmart knows that they have surveillance cameras inside and out. At the new pickup section they have even more surveillance cameras.

Inside the store they turned a large area into a self-checkout "corral" for those who have 15 items or so while at least half of the human operated cash registers/conveyor belts have been replaced by self operated register areas for customers with larger amounts of grocery items.

As I was walking by the "corral" I noticed a flat screen with a video of people celebrating. It was fun and festive and probably there for Walmart's new grand opening. As I turned to use one of the larger register/conveyor belts I noticed many flat screens hanging from the ceiling. Getting closer, I saw these were surveillance camera images of people, including me, approaching the register. What was really alarming was that my face was surrounded by a small, blue box as was everyone else within the monitor.

What else has boxes form around their face and they are identified? Facebook does. Whenever you upload a picture of you or a friend, a box will form around their face and identify them by name.

Guess what's coming to Walmart? A massive surveillance system that will identify you and who you are with as well as the time of day. I felt violated... like I was living in a surveillance state and I was simply grocery shopping.

I wish Walmart would take this technology out. It's not necessary. And yes, it is a surveillance state.

So guess what popped up---> Widespread Facial Surveillance Coming!

Excerpt: Georgetown researchers are warning Americans about a sophisticated real-time face surveillance system that’s about to become an “imminent reality” for millions of citizens across the country. Ground zero, though, appears to be Detroit.

The “America Under Watch” report is a warning that authorities in select U.S. cities may soon be able to pick you out from a crowd, identify you, and trace your movements via a secret network of cameras constantly capturing images of your face. Mass surveillance of every single human being living in the U.S. has become a nightmarish dystopian reality.

- shtfplan.com

The company is DataWorks Plus. I am certain they make plenty of money but at who's expense?

Could this be the beginning of the social credit score that the communist Chinese placed over their citizens?

As this technology spreads far and wide there will be no privacy in any nation and ultimately nations will become a part of the centralized world under a global government.
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