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Default World Health Organization Removes Transgender Term From Mental Illness List

World Health Organization Removes Transgender Term From Mental Illness List

Excerpt: The WHO approved the major change to its global manual of diagnoses on 25 May 25. It comes after WHO introduced it as a change last year in the latest. International Classification of Diseases (ICD). The ICD is described as ‘the international standard for reporting diseases and health conditions’. The latest revision is known as ICD-11.

On 25 May WHO’s World Health Assembly voted to make the revision. That revision no longer recognizes gender non-conformity and transgender as ‘mental disorder’.

- gaystarnews.com

The rush to normalize this mental illness and to also teach to school children is amazing. It is a problem when someone born a male decides to be a female. That is a mental condition that needs serious help... not the go-ahead for surgery.

The destruction of natural relationships to one another and self is the destruction of family and the source of power that keeps us safe.
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