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Exclamation Amazon To Offer Drone Delivery Service

Amazon To Offer Drone Delivery Service

Excerpt: The devices will make deliveries within 7.5 miles of a company warehouse and reach customers within 30 minutes.

- seekingalpha.com

Here comes the future. It's an interesting idea. It is convenient. At some point though we might not be going to a grocery store at all to get our food/supplies. In the future, if we become dependent upon a global, centralized supply chain we will be beholden to it. It will bring us what we need but what will happen to our own shopping skills of going somewhere, seeking out the best buy, etc. as opposed to having a limited choice through one supplier.

Yes... this notion of one supplier, globally is decades on down the road but it needs to be addressed now just like how some unions are attempting to address the displacement of human workers with robots, etc.

The point of this site is to provide data and inform before it's too late no matter how "cool" the concept might be. The idea is for you to think about things beyond what the well-prepared PR states.

Drone Delivery Canada---> Website

Intentional collateral damage---> Mom-And-Pop Businesses Decreasing In Availability - Big Tech Taking Over
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