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Default The Loss Of Rural Radio Stations Creating A Monopoly On Information

The Loss Of Rural Radio Stations Creating A Monopoly On Information

Excerpt: Small-town radio is fizzling nationwide, as stations struggle to attract advertisement dollars. And as station owners are forced to sell, media conglomerates snap up rural frequencies for rock-bottom prices, for the sole purpose of relocating them to urban areas. In a more affluent market, they can be flipped for a higher price. With limited frequencies available, larger broadcasters purchase as many as possible – especially those higher on the dial – in a race not dissimilar to a real estate grab.

Think of the monopolization of the social media industry and how the likes of Google and FB are censoring conservative views... even some left views.

Now think of how print newspapers are disappearing for online content that can quickly be changed/manipulated... highly controlled and often leans towards a political ideology as opposed to factual reporting.

Now imagine a world where the local radio station that discusses local perspectives and viewpoints disappear becoming controlled by large city, corporate radio conglomerates, only discussing things that are "progressive" in nature.

See... this capture of info resources... the abuse of capitalism to own everything is the way globalists monopolize everything... in all nations.

Losing information. Losing viewpoints. Losing word in print. Losing all this data. This is the control of information that can wreck a free society.
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